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  • Mar 14

    For years Tampa Bay had wanted a Major League Baseball team. In 1998 they finally got one. But guess what? No one goes to the games. Why? Because everyone promotes the team from the Bronx. Why go to see the Devil rays play unless the Yankees are in town?

     WTF is wrong with the media in Tampa Bay?? This is TAMPA BAY. NOT the Fucking South side of the Bronx! Why do these people continously put the Fucking Yankees as the top sports scores and news stories? Pull your heads out of Steinbrenners ass and serve YOUR COMMUNITY, not some one who buys you! Oh, I know all about how much Georgie does for Tampa Bay. But still, this is TAMPA BAY.

     There’s a new owner in town, the last one didn’t seem to do much for us except bring the team here. Support the new guy, Stuart Sternberg, he is trying to do for us!

     Those that know me, know I am a true Red Sox fan. But, I also work in the media and serve MY COMMUNITY! I will continue to promote the D-Rays (pronounced HOME TOWN TEAM)  until they decide to leave this town (which I wouldn’t be surprised because of all Steinbrenners drone-like followers)

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