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  • Aug 15

    What a surprise I had today.  Driving home from work I actually saw LESS people talking on their cell phones while driving than usual. I DID however see more people TEXTING while driving! Around 6 or so people. This in my opinion is way TOO MANY!

    How the hell did these people survive before the invention of mobile communication devices? A question that may never be answered. (sigh)

    I guess the most amazing thing I saw today was a woman who got cut off in traffic. SHE was on her cell phone talking and didn’t skip a beat in her conversation. Now THAT takes skill!

    Until next time, keep your eyes on the road and keep reaching for the horn.

    By the way, anyone interested in helping to protect yourself or others you care about, go here:

    Stop talking and start driving!

  • Aug 8
    Why do old women drive Mustangs, Camaros, or whatever the hot car of the year is etc.? Does it help them score with younger guys easier or were they an easy sell at the dealership?
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  • Aug 5

    I haven’t really kept up on my blog but after gathering so many thoughts in my head I thought it was time to post them and see if the world has any answers.

    “While most of these are just normal random thoughts some may be considered disgusting or graphic so be forewarned, but questions need to be answered!”

    So let the blogging begin:

    While I don’t know how it works in the womens restroom, in the mens room why is it a man can urinate or deficate and walk straight out of the room without washing his hands? Does he like the smell/taste of that on his food? Yuck, nasty pigs!

    Until next time….

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