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Rotten Beef….What's Eating You?

  • Nov 19

    So I’m talking with a friend the other day and they say “What are you gonna do for Thanksgiving?” I told them I was volunteering at a homeless shelter to help feed people who are down on their luck and in need of some help. So what does my friend say, “ha ha, you’re kidding right?” NO, I’m not!

    What the hell is so funny about wanting to do good for others in the world? I’ll tell you what isn’t funny, it’s this rotten fucken society who could give two shits about anybody except themselves! People these days just want for ME, ME, ME. If I can’t win the lottery to make a sizeable donation to my favorite charity, I’ll donate some of my TIME. Maybe if people thought more about others and less about how they can capitalize on others, the world may start to be a better place.

    Happy Thanksgiving to the truly “thankful” people out there!