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  • Dec 21

    And if you do, it should be slightly warped. I sent this to a friend and they didn’t find much humor in it. Have to tell you though, if you do need to satisfy your curiousity, I suggest you do NOT use a computer at work where others can see.

    Also, if you offended by anything of an adult nature, do NOT click on this link.

    If you do not have a slightly twisted sense of humor, do NOT click on this link.

    Most important, if you do not have a basic understanding of computer knowledge, do NOT click on this link!

    Remember you came to me, I did not send this to you. Consider that your warning. Otherwise have fun,

    You are going to love this one….lol

  • Dec 12
    Today’s woman does not want to be treated like a sex object! Don’t leer at her or drool over her. Just treat her like you would any other person.

    But wait am I missing something here?

    Why does it seem that lots of women today dress like this girl above? That’s not asking for respect, that’s asking for stares and rude comments. or is it?

    What’s up here girls? You’re sending us guys mixed messages!

    OK, so I go to this holiday party and everyone was dressed up nice for the event. Even the most conservative of girls I work with were dressed like this girl above. Is a company function a reason to dress like a slut? I mean come on. If you dress like this and don’t mind men making (decent) remarks like hey you look nice tonight, then I suppose it is ok. But if you dress like this and act like a prude (thinking just because he comments he wants in my pants), then you have issues girl!

    Lets try and be a bit more clear as to what you are trying to say now. Is that too much to ask?