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  • Mar 4

    I got a new program and installed it today. When I tried to update it, I got a message saying the program subscription had expired. How could it expire if I just installed it? Well I’ll tell you. My computer came pre-installed with new software programs. One of them was a program I was replacing. Only thing I didn’t realize was the pre-installed stuff needs to be uninstalled in a different way.

    I called up tech support and was speaking with a girl who was trying to help. Problem was she was following a script and didn’t exactly help matters. After an hour, I gave up and tried it my own way. I messed with uninstalling/reinstalling, editing the registry, doing a system restore, none of which worked.

    I called tech support again, this time a knowledgeable fellow took some information, guided me through a couple steps and then informed me of their “special tool” to uninstall their software.

    I followed his steps as he described, rebooted the computer, reinstalled the software and Voila, it finally worked! Only took about 2 1/2 hours, but I can finally move on to other projects.

    Why do these companies make it so damn hard to remove something you don’t want or need anymore? I have no clue, but I’ll be one up on them next time.

    Blog ya later.