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  • Mar 4

    I got a new program and installed it today. When I tried to update it, I got a message saying the program subscription had expired. How could it expire if I just installed it? Well I’ll tell you. My computer came pre-installed with new software programs. One of them was a program I was replacing. Only thing I didn’t realize was the pre-installed stuff needs to be uninstalled in a different way.

    I called up tech support and was speaking with a girl who was trying to help. Problem was she was following a script and didn’t exactly help matters. After an hour, I gave up and tried it my own way. I messed with uninstalling/reinstalling, editing the registry, doing a system restore, none of which worked.

    I called tech support again, this time a knowledgeable fellow took some information, guided me through a couple steps and then informed me of their “special tool” to uninstall their software.

    I followed his steps as he described, rebooted the computer, reinstalled the software and Voila, it finally worked! Only took about 2 1/2 hours, but I can finally move on to other projects.

    Why do these companies make it so damn hard to remove something you don’t want or need anymore? I have no clue, but I’ll be one up on them next time.

    Blog ya later.

  • Mar 3

    So I’m off on my Blogging adventure. I generally have so much to say, that when I try to write it all out, I have a brain fart. So I guess I’ll start with how my day was.

    You ever notice that when you really want to find something you know you still have you can never find it? But when you start out searching you end up finding something totally different you were searching for last month? Well, that is how my day went.

    Not bad though. I started out looking for a picture last week. Couldn’t find it. Today I was searching for a pocket knife, I found the picture. Still searching for the pocket knife, I found the golf distance finder I was looking for a few months back. Wow, what a great day for finding stuff I had been missing. By the way, I found the pocket knife!

    Hope you’re day was filled with missing treasures too.

    Blog ya later!

  • Mar 2
  • Mar 1
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