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  • Apr 28

    Wow! It just keeps coming. First a big steroid scandal and now an affair with (what reportedly was) a minor? According to a report in the New York Daily News,  Roger Clemens had a decade-long affair with country star Mindy McCready. Allegedly this “romance” started when Clemens was still a member of the Boston Red Sox baseball team and the “young” Miss McCready was only 15-years old trying to get into the music business.

    “He flatly denies having had any kind of an inappropriate relationship with her,” lawyer Rusty Hardin said. “He’s considered her a close family friend. … He has never had a sexual relationship with her.”

    Clemens, under investigation for perjury, filed a  lawsuit against his former trainer Brian McNamee stating his reputation has been damaged. If the allegations about a romantic link to the country singer McCready do come to light, that could mean big points for Brian McNamee’s legal team in the legal battle currently waging.

    Will the Rocket be grounded? I say, if he is retiring, let him retire in peace.

    MLB pitcher Roger Clemens  Country Music star Mindy McReady

  • Apr 21

    Super Bowl win, chosen MVP and now a marriage. In case you haven’t heard, Super Bowl XLII MVP Eli Manning married his college sweetheart Abby McGrew Saturday on the shore of the Sea of Cortez in Mexico in a sunset ceremony.

    According to reports, around 50-60 friends and family members (including 6 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen) flew to Mexico to be in attendance for what their minister said was one of the most beautiful weddings he has ever presided over. The ceremony was brief, about 15 minutes and a reception followed afterwards on the beach.

    Now the interesting stuff,  Abby McGrew carried a bouquet of white roses and wore a white gown with gold embroidering with a large bow and short train in the back. Her six bridesmaids wore champagne-colored strapless dresses.

    Manning and his groomsmen wore khaki suits and white roses in their lapels. Manning wore a tie with blue and white stripes, while his groomsmen kept their collars open. Sounds pretty casual for the guys.

    Now I know what girls wear at weddings is big with women, but be honest here guys. Do you really care what kind of tie Eli wore at his wedding? Is that going to influence your decision of what tie you wear at your wedding? Unless of course you’re a New York Giants fan.

    Regardless, it was a happy occasion enjoyed by lots of people. Congrats Eli! Better start concentrating on football, it’ll keep your mind focused when the honeymoon ends.

    Eli Manning marries college sweetheart Abby McGrew

  • Apr 17

    I sent my laptop off for repair around 6 weeks ago. It was still under warranty which was good so I wasn’t worried about the bill. The retailer where I purchased the laptop and also dropped it off for repairs called yesterday to let me know it had returned and the repairs were complete.

    I head over tonight after work to pick up my computer. It takes the guy 10-15 minutes to track down the whereabouts of it. When he returns with it, the first thing I noticed was the key on the keyboard that had fallen off I specifically requested to have put back on was not. Not only that but the guy couldn’t even find the key that I sent along with the laptop. I ask him what the deal was. He proceeds to explain in retail terms “although the first repair was covered under warranty, the key falling off was considered wear and tear” therefore they did not reattach it.

    I’m thinking (out loud of course) Why didn’t they at least contact me, tell me it wasn’t covered and would I like to have it fixed anyway? “No clue” he says. Apparently not. If they brought a car in for and oil change and the mechanic noticed the tire going flat, should he let it be just because that wasn’t what they originally came in for? Just an analogy, but I’m sure you see my point.

    Luckily, the tech guy at the counter was willing to help. He snagged a key off one of the floor models, and proceed to fabricate it (wasn’t the same exact one) so it would fit and at least cover the gaping opening in the keyboard. Very nice of him and I of course thanked him.

    So out of incompetence, ignorance or just plain stupidity, comes a random kind act. Thanks for helping me out computer tech guy!

  • Apr 14

    Talk about some silly shit! In sports news last week, construction workers building the new Yankee Stadium revealed that another worker who is a big Red Sox fan hoped to put a “jinx” on the Red Sox Nation’s number one enemy by secretly burying a Red Sox jersey in the concrete foundation of the new stadium.

    The Yankees didn’t appear very concerned. Basically stating there is no truth to the rumor. In a statement released Friday, they called it a 10 day late April Fool’s joke.

    Saturday it appeared as if their tune had changed. After about five hours of drilling, they finally located the shirt under 2 feet of concrete. Sunday, they pulled the jackhammered No. 34 David Ortiz Red Sox jersey in shreds from the battered hole in the foundation.

    Two days ago it was a joke to the Yankee organization. Now they are destroying the concrete foundation of their new
    $ 1.3 Billion structure? There has even been talk with the district attorney’s office about possible criminal charges against Gino Castignoli, the worker who allegedly buried the jersey in cement.

    I guess with all the money the Steinbrenner family has and can throw around, a few days off schedule and a few more dollars to repair the foundation of their new home, what’s the harm. Right?

    I think the thing the Yankees need to be more concerned about is not a so-called “jinx” but the safety of their fans and members of all the visiting teams. I’m no structural engineer, but I do know I wouldn’t feel safe knowing some paranoid people went drilling, digging and jackhammering just for a small piece of fabric that would have no effect on the structural integrity of the new stadium.

    Yankees unearth Red Sox Jersey  Yankees unearth buried Red Sox jersey.

  • Apr 12

    While watering the garden this morning, I noticed some sprouts that appeared. The green beans were actually above ground. Somewhat of a surprise to me as the package said germination is about 7-10 days. No complaints from me though. The sooner they grow means the sooner I eat them. Also in my herb garden, the oregano has sprouted a bit as well. Fresh herbs, Yummy! I better get some recipes together. Looks like it may be a good season. I’ll haves pics and videos up soon.

  • Apr 11

    First I read in the news the families of six men killed in a Utah mine cave-in sued the mine’s Ohio owners, claiming that the collapse occurred because they were harvesting coal unsafely.  Then, families of those killed in the Virginia Tech massacre would receive $100,000 each under a settlement the state is proposing to prevent lawsuits.  Today’s headline reads, Christina Silva, the beauty queen who was first crowned Miss California USA 2008 before being informed there had been a miscount, has sued the Miss Universe Organization over the ordeal. Also an audience member of the Oprah Winfrey show, Orit Greenberg is asking for more than $50,000 in medical fees and other damages from Harpo Studios, claiming she suffered “severe and permanent injuries.” She alleged falling down a flight of stairs after the pack of women-watchers were told they would be let in the studio to battle it out for the best seats.  Angel Del Valle filed a lawsuit on the behalf of his deceased wife against the Mass. Turnpike Authority and the contractors of the Big Dig.  It was reported the Del Valle family  had reached a settlement with Power Fasteners, in which they would be paid $6 million. The Del Valle family stated, “We are grateful that the Powers family company has done the right thing.”

     $6 Million Dollars? For that much money, I’d say they did the right thing too! First I’ll say the mining accident in Utah and the Virginia Tech shootings and all other stories involving loss of life were tragedies. The beauty pageant thing…? The BEST seats for the Oprah Winfrey show? WTF?

    How is suing anyone going to bring back those loved ones you lost? It’s not and you all know that already. But it sure will comfort the dear departed in the great beyond knowing you profited from their deaths, right?

    Losing someone you love near and dear is a very saddening thing to happen. Having your beauty pageant crown taken away because of a miscount? Hey Christina Silva, the USA has been living with that scenario for the past 8 YEARS, get over it! Falling down the stairs trying to get the best seats at the Oprah Winfrey show and losing out on them? Enough is enough. What’s next suing the company that prints your newspaper because you got black ink all over your fingers? While we’re at it, why don’t I sue the Department of Transportation for having traffic lights that change to fast? Because that is what happened in my last auto accident that resulted in a totaled vehicle.

    Will the passion to sue your neighbors and friends even family members ever end? I would venture to say probably not. But could you imagine a world where we all actually “did” coexist peacefully?

    Blog ya later

  • Apr 9

    Well, not exactly. But I do have a wise old uncle who used to call me a farmer all the time because I grew up in the country and did a lot of outdoors stuff like gardening. So I decided not to disappoint him and keep on planting! There are actually some people who don’t understand the concept of gardening. It is a lot of work and sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you planned. Take last year for instance, I decided I wanted to plant a vegetable garden. I started around June or July. Still sunny and bright. The thing I did not count on was the heat. It was a bit too hot to actually reap the rewards of all my hard work. So, with the price of food climbing ever so high, I decided once again to plant a veggie garden. I got a bit of an earlier start this year. I hope that the fruits of my labor will bring more to the table this time.

    Here is what the start of it looks like so far:

    Feel free to check back for video updates. Or stop by the Video Vegetable Garden to see more. I hope to have them up on a weekly basis to show the progress.

  • Apr 3

    So the big news (OK, celebrity gossip) lately is NFL Quarterback Matt Leinart of the Arizona Cardinals was having a get together at his home in Arizona. In attendance was celebrity (?) Nick Lachey. Story has it these two famous guys were partying with underage college coeds.

    Oh no! Someone under 21 at a party. What next? Senior Citizens playing bingo? Who said these girls are under age anyway? I don’t see any Id’s on their possession. I haven’t seen or heard of any proof that the girls are underage or that these guys bought the girls their alcohol. When is the last time you saw people carding someone at their house for a small get together? IF they are underage, those girls could have told him that they were 21, and the girls could have brought their own alcohol too. If someone tells you their age when you ask, you usually don’t doubt them. And if these girls are truly underage, where the hell are their parents and why didn’t they know what they were up to? If my kids wanted to hang out with an NFL player, I’d ask to tag along!

    Personally, I think it’s not the drinking that’s the big deal. It’s the alleged supplying of alcohol to underage party goers that a lot of the tabloids are writing about. But again, no one knows who supplied what at the party. No one really cares about what these people do in their personal lives, but they all love that scandalous celebrity story.

    Reports are saying that the Cardinals front office will not be happy about this. OK, so maybe it makes the guy look bad. But consider this: it is the off-season and he is at his own home and not driving drunk on the town causing fights or getting in accidents. So can you fault the guy for being responsible? Now if it was between say July and January, then I think people should have some cause for concern. But since it is his time and as long as it isn’t disruptive to the team let him be. I think if Matt and the Cards were winning more games and going to the playoffs, it might be a little more socially acceptable to be doing stuff like this in the off-season.

    Admit it, any successful individual male in his 20’s or 30’s and is single would certainly be going out to the bars drinking and finding young pretty (and of legal age) girls to hook up with.

    As for Nick Lachey, it’s pretty plain to see he had to hang out with someone like Leinart who has more going for him than Lachey himself. I’ve heard that most young girls think he’s old and really creeped out by him. Now Matt, just getting out of college, being young, rich and able to do what he wants. Hey, I’d be doing the same thing. Sounds to me like some one is just jealous that these coeds got to drink and hang for a while with celebrities.

    Just my advice for Matt, watch the peeps who take pics at your next party and make sure you ask for a kickback when they get some coin from the tabloids that buy them. Hey why not? Make money anyway you can. Looks to me like it beats signing autographs at card shows!

    Matt Leinart in his off-season