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Rotten Beef….What's Eating You?

  • Jun 25

    It’s a sore subject with a lot of people, except the ones driving the huge SUV’s, but even now reality is starting to sink in for most of them. I’m talking about the ever increasing cost to fuel your vehicle so you can go to work and make more money to fuel your vehicle to go to work to make more money to fuel your vehicle…well you get the idea.

    So what are you to do? The gas efficient hybrid cars are flying off the lots after people wait over three to sometimes six months to get one. Cant’s get a hold of one yourself? Your 19 year old beater starting to drain you dry?

    I’m beginning to think the Flintstone’s car is looking pretty good right about now. But wait, I don’t think we have to get that desperate just yet. Lately I’ve noticed more and more scooters on the road. Yes, SCOOTERS! Not the kind you had when you were a kid, but the kind that are powered by battery or gas. The are pretty good in size and even quite comfortable. Why I even saw one yesterday that could seat two adults comfortably.

    Since I’m still new to the whole scooter thing myself, I did some research. I did an internet search for Which scooter is right for me and found some very good information. If you’re going down the road to the gas pump, but doing it on fumes, consider a smaller two wheel version of transportation. You may be surprised as to how far and fast you can go!

  • Jun 16

    Today while on vacation, I needed to get some food for my evening meal. I walk into a store I am unfamiliar with. The store is fairly good sized but a bit messy. the selection, not what I am used to. I found t=food that will do for what I had planned for my meal. When I get to the checkout, the cashier rings the order and put the items in an empty cart. After ringing up everything he asks, “would you like a bag for your groceries?” So I answer “yes”. He inquires how many I say two and he adds $.20 to the bill. After I bag the groceries, I start to push the cart away and he tells me the cart is for the next customer. Now what if I decided not to take any bags? would I have had to carry all these out in my arms? Just curious.

    Although I do  like the idea to help keep the environment green, I think it would be a good idea to let the customers know ahead of time as to the “hidden” cost of taking your purchases home.

    If you are concerned about the world environment you live in and how it will affect your children or the next generation’s place in it, visit some Green Websites for ideas and suggestions on how to make the world last longer for generations to come.

  • Jun 15

    Today I went on vacation. I haven’t been on one in over 6 years. After Going through the wonderful horse hockey at the airport, I now remember why I haven’t.

    Check in was relatively smooth. The line, like the DMV and other places were like a Disney Theme park. Ropes wrapping around and around. Less than 30 minutes to check in, not bad.

    Now heading to the terminal, this is where it gets more fun. We have to show our boarding pass and photo id to get on the tram that takes us to the terminal. I hand the screener my boarding pass and wallet with my id VISIBLE through the “Clear plastic window” open. He says to take it out of the wallet. Why? So he can see the expiration date. WTF? This has always bothered me. My ID has expired but the picture still looks like me! What the fuck is the big deal?? The ID expired NOT my picture. Why the hell does this make a difference. So I comply and get on the tram.

    When we get to the other end (at the terminal where the gates are) they have the shoes off rule. OK, I understand, but I have to show my boarding pass and ID AGAIN!! WTF? Did my ID expire on the tram ride over? Give me a break! And if that wasn’t bad enough, as well as taking my shoes off and putting my cell phone in the bucket, the alarm went off. What did I have on my possession? NOTHING. Just my clothes. “take you belt off sir.” I was wearing a small stretchy belt with about 6 inches of leather on the end to clasp it and oh yeah, a “very small” (by that I mean less metal that a 50 cent piece and about as big) belt buckle. So I take it off, pass through the detector with no problems and proceed to gather my belongings. At this point, I just slip on my shoes on so I don’t hold the line up and walk over to a bench to tie them. After tying my shoes, I proceed to put my belt back on. But wait, where is my belt? My pants are falling down and I cannot seem to find my belt. While searching, I hear an announcement on the public address system. “If anyone has lost a belt come to…” I couldn’t make out the rest. I start walking by all the scanner lines asking if anyone has a belt. No one answers. I speak a bit louder and still no one answers. Finally someone tells me to check the information desk (which I was standing in front of calling out loudly but not receiving a response). When I approach the desk I ask the woman there who is jabbering away with a co worker if someone just called out about a lost belt. “What does it look like, we get hundreds of them?” Well, they just announced it on the PA system. “Can you describe it?” What a pain in the ass this bitch has turned out to be. After a lengthy description about what a belt looks like, I get it and I’m on my way.

    I need a coffee now! more to come….