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Rotten Beef….What's Eating You?

  • Oct 4

    It’s tough to stay healthy unless you eat right and exercise on a regular basis. Which is exactly what I have been doing for about 1 year now.

    My New Years resolution, I actually kept it! I have been walking and riding my bicycle everyday. I feel better, I look better, I’ve even lost a few pounds. Once you get past the idea of the hard work you have to put out, it’s not that bad. I’m really enjoying the “my” time I have for myself when it’s time for exercise.

    The fresh air, the sunshine, the animals…and the assholes that have no respect for pedestrians and bicyclists! That’s right, I said NO R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Or should I say common decency or courtesy towards others.

    Now the whole time I have been doing my daily exercises, I tend to stay away from the busiest roads and streets. Sometimes I have no choice but to cross them. this is when I am extra careful. But it always seems that there is one driver who is always in a hurry to round the corner while not even bothering to think about who is on the side of the roadway. Having the right of way when the light says I can go should be an indication that drivers need to pay closer attention. Not everyone is as sharp or as quick as you! It just so happens today was an off day for me. Lucky too I guess. I’m going along the same route as I usually do, stopping and checking traffic all around. When all of a sudden, a car appears out of a parking lot and seemed quite hurried. Almost as if they thought I didn’t need to cross the street. Well I did, but didn’t get across as planned. I had to stop short. Slipped off the sidewalk and on the ground. OUCH! The car kept going. Me, it took a minute to shake it off. One car had the decency to stop and ask if I was ok. The idiots on the bus bench just looking at me and chuckling to themselves, well, let’s hope if it happens to you that someone more helpful than you were to me stops to ask if you are ok.

    I was pretty banged up, but I seemed to be more concerned about my bike. It was quite a spill. the handlebars were spun around, shifters cracked and scratched. Hand grips torn, pedals scratched and bent and some scratched paint. Guess I was a bit luckier, just some minor scrapes and scratches. And some bruises and back and leg pain. But I got back on and rode home. After all, I was still about 5 miles away and certainly wasn’t going to walk in the shape I was in.

    Scraped and Bruised

    Scraped and Bruised









    Moral of the story, eat good, exercise, stay healthy and watch the Morons on the road. they certainly aren’t watching for you.

    blog ya later.