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  • Apr 20

    I had to go to the grocery store tonight to get just a couple things. In and out, just what I planned. But somehow someone always changes my plans.

    I get in a checkout lane where a customer ahead of me forgot something and had to have the bag boy run and get one. So I jump to the “Express” line. Boy that was sure a mistake. The woman in front of me wanted to pay for her groceries with a paper check. She was from out of state and the cashier had to call for approval and then it took the lady what seemed like forever to write the check and enter it in her check register.

    So my question is, who pays by paper check in the grocery store anymore?

    Not to sound prejudice, but the woman must have been in her 60’s at least. And when I though about it, it occurred to me, I could not remember a time when I saw a younger generation writing out a check while shopping. I said to the cashier when it was my turn, “that is probably the last generation you will ever see pay by a paper check when shopping”. She apologized and then agreed.

  • Apr 9

    It never fails. No matter where I go or how far away from the store I park, someone will always park next to me!

    This time they didn’t just park next to me, they parked almost on top of me! I mean holy crap people, there is a whole parking lot full of empty spaces and you not only can’t take one of them, but you have to share my spot as well??

    Where the heck do these drivers come from?

    A-hole Parking job

  • Apr 5

    I was a big fan of MTV when it debuted back in the 1980’s. MTV = MUSIC Television. What happened to the MUSIC part? When I turn to the channel now, all I get is lame reality shows and NO MUSIC!

    I read recently they are changing the image and dropping the “Music Television” moniker. If that’s the case, why not change your name too? Unless the “M” now stands for Mundane!

    Now I’m watching CARTOON Network and they are starting to have reality shows like “What Would Happen”

    Well I can tell you what is gonna happen, I’m tuning out. Thank goodness for DVD’s!