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  • Aug 30

    Come on people! Why is it that when a smoker is in front of you at the cash register they stand there for 20 minutes trying to decide which cigarettes to get? “Um, can I see the ones to the right? No no, the blue pack. No that one on the 3rd shelf.” You been smoking the same f’in brand for years! What the hell takes so long to make up your damn mind? Does smoking limit your brain functions? I mean the damn things are gonna kill you anyway, why the hell should it make a difference which brand or what color the pack is. Just take them and get in with your life, as short as it will be from smoking cigarettes!

  • Aug 4

    This monster called facebook has to be STOPPED!  Where is the line between REALITY and VIRTUAL REALITY drawn?

    Take for example what happened to me recently. I am by no means Mr. Popularity but my “friend” list on Facebook had grown close to 500 people. It got to the point the “friend” requests were coming from stranger and stranger people. I rarely get on and when I do I was having trouble finding my real friends to communicate with. So I posted that if I haven’t heard from you in a while or you have not answered my Facebook messages, I was going to thin my “friend” list dramatically. True to my word, those I have not heard from were cut.

    One of those “friends” happen to be a real-life friend I met in high school. I sent this friend at least 2 or 3 FB messages but they never responded. They continued to post on FB just not return my messages. 3 days after the cut was made, they finally realized they were not on my list. WHOA! Did all hell break loose.

    This friend was so upset that they blocked me from seeing them online, blocked my email address and sent me a nasty text telling me how hurtful “I” was and never to call again.

    WTF?! So if I go and remove my parents, siblings, children or cousins from my Facebook “friends” list they should never talk to me again?

    HELLO people! Facebook is a “virtual” friend list! Friends can still chat on the phone, write letters or email. We don’t have to be online buddies too to know we care about each other. Grow up and get a life!!