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  • Nov 23

    I speak ONE language and SHOULD NOT have to be asked every single time what my language of choice is! According to the ATM I just stopped at, these options are available to me (see picture below) According to Dana the supervisor at GTEFCU’s call center, the options are NOT available to members. So WHICH IS IT???

    If credit unions are trying to get customers away from banks, this damn sure isn’t the right way to do it!

  • Nov 16

    Hey parking lot designers, how about you design a parking lot with a section dedicated for big cars only? That way those with smaller cars dont get crushed by the a-holes who feel the need to park crooked and take up 2 or 3 spaces at a time!

  • Nov 1

    Kim Kardashian’s decision to file for divorce from Kris Humphries, her husband of 72 days, sent E!, the network that churns out her and her family’s many reality TV shows, into panic mode. Rumor has it Kim Kardashian was caught texting her old boyfriend Reggie Bush by her husband of less than 3 months Kris Humphries. If she was caught cheating, that pre nup could have some holes in it!

    Was it all planned out ahead of time? Do you think it will hurt the Kardashian’s show? Who the hell cares! I think it’s time to stop trying to keep up with the Kardashians. they’ve had more than their 15 minutes of fame. Move on and leave us alone!

    Oh, by the way Kris, you may be feeling a bit down right now, but you definitely getting the better end of the deal no matter how you look at it! Take it and RUN!!

  • Nov 1

    Well, as of this morning, your rotten scrooges got your wish! The city of  Tampa, Florida has made panhandling illegal 6 days a week. Some people say they wanted this ban passed for the ‘panhandler’s’ safety. Sure you did. Some say the city of Tampa is trying to clean up their image before the Republican National Convention makes it to town in August of 2012. THAT seems like a more likely scenario!

    Passing this ban certainly doesn’t resolve the homeless issue. There still is the same number of homeless people on the streets as there were on October 31st,   just not as visible.

    So do you feel better now you rotten scrooge bastards? Were they REALLY bothering you? I mean come on, just standing on the corner with a cardboard sign. Did it really physically pain you to see them? I’m not saying all were saints, but after being out of work for as long as I have been, I’ve been tempted to stand on the corner myself. Does that make ME a bum? HELL NO! I’ve just been out of work way too long and I’m sick of it!

    If it really bothers you people that much, quit your damn bitching and fix the problem! These people need jobs just as I do. Stop staring down your snobby noses from your BMW’s and your Mercedes and help America get back on it’s feet!