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  • An Inconvenience fee?

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    Nov 10

    So I drop my prescription off at the local (national chain) pharmacy today and say I’ll be back in a couple hours to pick it up. A couple hours (or longer) pass by and I stop back to get my prescription. The person at the window says “when did you drop it off?” A couple hours ago I tell them. “Did you drop it off inside or in the drive through?” I tell them the drive through. They look in the tube where I sent it through and lo and behold, there it is! Amazing, it was in the same place I left it TWO HOURS ago! So now They want me to wait another 15 minutes until its ready.

    Who else besides me thinks there should be a standard inconvenience fee for when businesses (i.e. Doctors, Pharmacies, etc.) inconvenience customers?

    Is there any common sense and decency left in this world?

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