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  • Apr 2

    So you’ve done the Myspace thing and the Twitter thing and even the Facebook thing. But have you gotten hooked by Pinterest yet? It’s fast becoming one of the more popular Social Networks out there today.

    So how does that affect you? Well, if you’re not into the whole Social Networking scene, it probably won’t.

    But if you work in an office setting, you’ve probably noticed your co-workers spending endless hours on Facebook instead of working. Now, with Pinterest climbing the Social Network ladder, I’d say it’s a good time to get interested or be prepared to be picking up your office mate’s slack.

    While Pinterest is an interesting Social Network website, it does sort of show the mentality of the average American. First there was Myspace where you could post crazy pictures and make your “personal” page all sorts of crazy looking. 

    Then Facebook hit the scene. Kind of “Plain Jane in the looks department, but you could still post crazy pictures, links to other places to go on the Internet and even tell the world about that first cup of coffee you had this morning (see the time wasting relevance coming into play?).

    Now with Pinterest, you can pass your time all day by looking at “pins” on “boards” from other members of this relatively new Social Media network. The best part about this is, all you really have to do is “pin” a picture or click “like” and you’re done. Amazing! Society is becoming so lazy, they can’t even take the time to type anything somewhat relevant to life anymore. We all just “point and click”. Ain’t life grand?

  • Feb 8

    With what people post (publicly) online these days and how often they do it, it sort of seems like not many of them have too many brains. Just saying….

  • Nov 23

    I speak ONE language and SHOULD NOT have to be asked every single time what my language of choice is! According to the ATM I just stopped at, these options are available to me (see picture below) According to Dana the supervisor at GTEFCU’s call center, the options are NOT available to members. So WHICH IS IT???

    If credit unions are trying to get customers away from banks, this damn sure isn’t the right way to do it!

  • Aug 25

    What a hell of a way to start the day. An email and a phone call telling me there have been some strange charges appearing on my credit card. I log into my bank account and sure enough, someone has been shopping all over town at my expense! Trips to the grocery store, gas station and even Walmart! If you’re gonna steal my credit card, DON’T shop at a place I’d never go to like Walmart! If they are going to steal, why the hell can’t these scumbags steal from people who can afford it? Unemployed with no income at all and they have to take even more from me? I hope when you get caught, your cell mate takes your blanket!

  • Aug 24

    I thought Home Depot  was  one of the biggest supporters of the US military and veterans. I’ve applied through  their  online application at least a couple of weeks ago. I’m a veteran of the US Military and I  still have not heard a thing. So much for their “Veteran Friendly” hiring practices! Anyone from Home Depot reading this??

  • Aug 21

    Nivea for Men has apologized for an ad in Esquire magazine that critics called racially insensitive.

    Hey all you whiney a-hole babies, grow the f up! this is only advertising. There are not ‘closet racists’ hiding in Corporate America! If I got offended every time I saw an advertisement aimed at red headed step children, jolly fat men, or people driving foreign cars I’d have no place to shop or nothing to buy. It’s like radio/TV, if you don’t like it, turn the dial. Now go dry your eyes you cry babies!

  • Aug 2

    What the hell happened to the days when you could bring a check written from Bank XYZ along with your proper identification and get it cashed with no hassles?

    I hope someone high up from Regions Bank reads this because I think your banking practices are really f***ed up and I’m being nice when I say that! I bring a check drawn on YOUR establishment and you try to charge me $30 because I am not a customer of yours? THAT’S OUTRAGEOUS! This certainly is no way to win customers in my opinion! I’ve had previous negative experiences at your bank but this one is the last straw! I will NEVER bank at Regions Bank! Never, Never, Never!

  • Aug 4

    This monster called facebook has to be STOPPED!  Where is the line between REALITY and VIRTUAL REALITY drawn?

    Take for example what happened to me recently. I am by no means Mr. Popularity but my “friend” list on Facebook had grown close to 500 people. It got to the point the “friend” requests were coming from stranger and stranger people. I rarely get on and when I do I was having trouble finding my real friends to communicate with. So I posted that if I haven’t heard from you in a while or you have not answered my Facebook messages, I was going to thin my “friend” list dramatically. True to my word, those I have not heard from were cut.

    One of those “friends” happen to be a real-life friend I met in high school. I sent this friend at least 2 or 3 FB messages but they never responded. They continued to post on FB just not return my messages. 3 days after the cut was made, they finally realized they were not on my list. WHOA! Did all hell break loose.

    This friend was so upset that they blocked me from seeing them online, blocked my email address and sent me a nasty text telling me how hurtful “I” was and never to call again.

    WTF?! So if I go and remove my parents, siblings, children or cousins from my Facebook “friends” list they should never talk to me again?

    HELLO people! Facebook is a “virtual” friend list! Friends can still chat on the phone, write letters or email. We don’t have to be online buddies too to know we care about each other. Grow up and get a life!!

  • Jan 22
    Holy Cow! First our computers and now our CAMERAS are racist?
    Face detection, one of the latest “intelligent” technologies to make it to consumer cameras, is supposed to make photography more convenient by warning you when someone blinks. Recently a Taiwanese-American girl bought her mom a camera. When she took a picture of her brother a message flashed across the screen saying, “Did someone blink?”
    Although probably a bit offended she seemed to take it in stride by posting a blog that said, “Racist Camera! No, I did not blink… I’m just Asian!”
    It’s nice to know that there are still some people who can realize honest mistakes and not have to sue over an issue like this.
  • Dec 10

    Someone at the bank finally got some smarts. ATM’s now have the ability to accept check and cash deposits without having to use envelopes.

    If that’s not a great use of technology, then I don’t know what is. Oh wait, yes I do. How about saving us a couple keystrokes and make the damn thing realize that I’m NOT f’*!%in spanish?!


    Welcome to the new America 🙁