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  • Nov 18

    You ever had to call for support on your computer and had to wait and wait and wait? Did you wonder what took so long to get to your call? The reason is some people just can’t grasp technology. Tech support should divide itself between customers that “get it” and customers who “have no clue”! Better to simply rename the Departments: Rescue, Repair, and Refuse to Consider.

  • Nov 6

    Halloween has just barely passed and already I’m hearing Holiday music. Must mean Black Friday is closing in. Can’t wait!

    Black Friday is bringing back crowds.

  • Sep 6

    Hey Ladies, Ever wanted to write your name in the snow or had to go real bad on a stroll through the woods? 

    Then this is just what you need!

  • Aug 3

    Boston Red Sox lovers. Become a Soxually Addicted fan like us on Facebook.  We welcome all Red Sox fans and Yankee haters!

  • Aug 28

    Go Daddy can Go F^(k themselves!!!! That’s right, Go Daddy are sorry Mac Daddy Assholes! I’ve been trying for nearly THREE WEEKS to purchase a domain name. For some reason the transactions keep getting cancelled and I have to wait almost a week just to get it released so I can try to purchase it again. After 3 attempts with the Mac Daddy Assholes I went with a hosting reseller of the M D A-holes. The purchase went through relatively smooth last night and I felt relieved I was finally able to secure this domain.

    Today I check my email and to my surprise I find the following:

    Dear Mr. xxxxxx,Per your request, the items listed below have been cancelled from your account, 00112233:

    If you feel this cancellation has occurred in error or you need further assistance, our support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via: Online Support, Email: or Phone: 480-624-2500

    Please do not reply to this email. Emails sent to this address will not be answered.

    Thanks again for being a Web Hosting Animal customer.
    Web Hosting Animal

    Copyright 2008 Web Hosting Animal. All rights reserved.

    First some idiot cancels my account (computers don’t push buttons), then they “Thank Me” for being a customer?  WTF?! When I call the number listed to find out what happened I get the standard canned answer “I’ll send an email to the XYZ Dept and have them get back to you in 24-48 hours” No the answer I was looking for! I will not be waiting that long for Mac Daddy A-holes to get back to me! Hopefully in another week when this domain gets released again, I’ll have found a more dependable domain/hosting company to handle my business needs.

    Sure you can save some money, but if you want extra time and aggravation, go with the Mac Daddy A-Holes of web hosting.

    How sad!

  • Aug 17

    Enough is enough. I mean it’s bad enough that people feel it necessary to talk on their cell phones while driving. Never mind calling to say you’ll be a few minutes late to pick up your child at the daycare or to let your assistant know that your proposal needs to be faxed to your potential future client before the meeting. No, those things don’t matter the important things are stuff like telling your girlfriend that new guy at the gym was so cute. Or letting your buddy know two kegs won’t do for the weekend bash, make it three. THAT is the stuff people find so important talking about on their cell phones while driving in their cars!

    What the person was talking about last night on their cell phone while driving, I do not know. Then again I do not care. I can tell you I know for sure it was NOT as important as the procession of fire trucks and ambulances five cars back trying to make it through the intersection but were unable to. Yes, while standing on the corner waiting for the light to change so I could cross the street, I heard a siren. I looked up to see a couple fire trucks and an ambulance trying to make it into the intersection to turn left. People were aware they were there. No mistake about it. You would have had to be deaf and blind to not notice. Cars were stopped on all sides of the intersection. The vehicles in front of the first fire truck started to edge into the intersection slowly. But then the first car stopped! Why? They weren’t moving. 30 seconds go by, then one minute. Another 30 seconds and the first car inched out a bit more. Then I looked to see what the confusion was. The IDIOT in the first car blocking all the others was on their cell phone! WTF?! The are emergency vehicles attempting to get to an obvious emergency and this dumbass plainly was more concerned with wrapping up their phone call.

    Don't be a distracted driver! Drive safe and drive alert!

    Don't Drive distracted!

    It bothers me when cell phone drivers hold me up from reaching my destination in the allotted time period I set for myself to get there. But this really irritated me! What if they were trying to get to someone I know to help them? What if they were on their way to your place? Those few precious minutes they were held up by the fool on their cell phone driving the car ignoring the emergency vehicles could have made the difference between life and death.

    Do us (me, them and yourself if you care) a favor. If you talk on your cell phone, pull off to the side if the call is of a personal nature, or if it is of an important urgent business matter. If you feel you absolutely have to drive and talk at the same time, consider using a hands free device. In the end whether you save yourself or a family members life or even someone you don’t know, it will be well worth it!

    Drive safe and drive alert.

  • Apr 17

    I sent my laptop off for repair around 6 weeks ago. It was still under warranty which was good so I wasn’t worried about the bill. The retailer where I purchased the laptop and also dropped it off for repairs called yesterday to let me know it had returned and the repairs were complete.

    I head over tonight after work to pick up my computer. It takes the guy 10-15 minutes to track down the whereabouts of it. When he returns with it, the first thing I noticed was the key on the keyboard that had fallen off I specifically requested to have put back on was not. Not only that but the guy couldn’t even find the key that I sent along with the laptop. I ask him what the deal was. He proceeds to explain in retail terms “although the first repair was covered under warranty, the key falling off was considered wear and tear” therefore they did not reattach it.

    I’m thinking (out loud of course) Why didn’t they at least contact me, tell me it wasn’t covered and would I like to have it fixed anyway? “No clue” he says. Apparently not. If they brought a car in for and oil change and the mechanic noticed the tire going flat, should he let it be just because that wasn’t what they originally came in for? Just an analogy, but I’m sure you see my point.

    Luckily, the tech guy at the counter was willing to help. He snagged a key off one of the floor models, and proceed to fabricate it (wasn’t the same exact one) so it would fit and at least cover the gaping opening in the keyboard. Very nice of him and I of course thanked him.

    So out of incompetence, ignorance or just plain stupidity, comes a random kind act. Thanks for helping me out computer tech guy!

  • Mar 4

    I got a new program and installed it today. When I tried to update it, I got a message saying the program subscription had expired. How could it expire if I just installed it? Well I’ll tell you. My computer came pre-installed with new software programs. One of them was a program I was replacing. Only thing I didn’t realize was the pre-installed stuff needs to be uninstalled in a different way.

    I called up tech support and was speaking with a girl who was trying to help. Problem was she was following a script and didn’t exactly help matters. After an hour, I gave up and tried it my own way. I messed with uninstalling/reinstalling, editing the registry, doing a system restore, none of which worked.

    I called tech support again, this time a knowledgeable fellow took some information, guided me through a couple steps and then informed me of their “special tool” to uninstall their software.

    I followed his steps as he described, rebooted the computer, reinstalled the software and Voila, it finally worked! Only took about 2 1/2 hours, but I can finally move on to other projects.

    Why do these companies make it so damn hard to remove something you don’t want or need anymore? I have no clue, but I’ll be one up on them next time.

    Blog ya later.

  • Dec 21

    And if you do, it should be slightly warped. I sent this to a friend and they didn’t find much humor in it. Have to tell you though, if you do need to satisfy your curiousity, I suggest you do NOT use a computer at work where others can see.

    Also, if you offended by anything of an adult nature, do NOT click on this link.

    If you do not have a slightly twisted sense of humor, do NOT click on this link.

    Most important, if you do not have a basic understanding of computer knowledge, do NOT click on this link!

    Remember you came to me, I did not send this to you. Consider that your warning. Otherwise have fun,

    You are going to love this one….lol