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  • Jan 24

    When I heard that cursive writing was not going to be taught in the classroom anymore, I was so shocked! OK, so most communication today is done electronically. I still think there are going to be times when this generation that is sooned to be deprived of a good old fashioned education, will need to know how to write by hand. If cursive is done away with, how will future generations be able to sign legal documents or even autographs (for those that may become famous)? Priorities need to seriously be re-assessed.


  • May 2

    Man, did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed today…or did I? Maybe it’s the right side for once.

    I think I am finally starting to see people as they really are. Society as a whole has changed and it really sucks!  People have become so self-centered that today’s society seems deplorable. Making every excuse NOT to return your phone  calls, emails or letters. Those that know me personally, know I am a very easy going guy who is always willing to help someone out. When I do help, I never expect anything in return. I am just happy helping others.

    Let’s start with family, the people you gather with during the holidays to share laughs and rejoice together. During the  rest of the year, where are they? I’ll tell you where my family is, involved with their own lives and jobs (which I have no problem with). But, I have called and emailed numerous times to say hi, how are you etc. When do I hear back? When their computer is having problems or their car is broke down. (I am a certified computer tech and mechanic by the way, which would explain the calls) Do I help? Of course, they are my family! But the one time I do miss an important family deal (someone winning an award or in the hospital for tonsils, etc.) then I really hear about it!

    How about friends? Same story, call to say hi, how are you etc. When do I hear back? If I’m lucky 3 maybe 4 weeks later.  Not so much for help with their cars or computers, but just to say, “Oh I got your message but I have been soooo busy!” Busy my ass. In the past I’ve worked 60 hours weeks AND went to school FULL TIME AND still had time to hang with friends! So I know busy. How about when they say, I’ll call you or let’s go out for a drink or let’s do lunch, maybe check out a movie or how about we do some fishing this weekend? All misleading promises. OK, I understand people have jobs, family etc, so do I! But what if you ARE family or have been close friends for years? Should I understand? Yes. Can I? Not really. Myspace friends are different, most people I know on here are real life friends or co-workers even business acquaintances. So when they don’t respond I can understand because I am in contact with them on a regular basis and know what they are up to. Especially the ones with 500 or more friends, I can understand their lack or delay of response. The ones I have met recently, well I guess that’s what defines true character. Even if they don’t have time to sit down and write a long (or even semi-long message) they still leave comments. Oh bless those comments! Please don’t take offense; I do respect all people until they give reason not to. A job with access to the internet all day is much different than a doctor in surgery, you get the point.

    How about the people you apply to for employment? There was a time (a few short years ago) that when I sent out a resume, I would get a rejection letter. Yes I said “rejection” letter. Why do I seem content about that? Because my interest in  their company was “acknowledged”. Hell, they even sent standard FORM letters! Nowadays, people are so damn lazy they can’t even hit the stinking “reply” button to say thanks, we got your resume, we’ll keep it on file! WTF?

    And don’t get me started on the classified ads. I’ve advertised furniture, computers, bicycles, doesn’t matter what I was selling, those lame ass people who call to say they are “very interested” get directions to your place and tell you they  will be over in 30 minutes, never show. Not even a call as a “COURTESY” to say, sorry I changed my mind.

    Do I sound jaded? Yes, probably because I am. Should I be? Probably not, it’s human nature. But I am man enough to tell someone when I am  really busy, can’t make it or just not in the mood. Have I used excuses before? Yes (only on my consistent regulars who have no clue what blogs or Myspace are). I’ll tell you why too, there is an old saying that goes: “A plumber always has leaky pipes.” Meaning, if you’ve had as many computer, home repair or car questions as I have had, you’d get a bit tired and eventually find an excuse now and then to get time to keep your own house in order. I’ve contradicted myself there, but for good reason. I guess if I had  to pick one of my biggest faults, I’d say it was that I am always willing to help family and friends, never leaving time  for me to complete my projects. The one time I do want to do something for myself, I’ve gotten the guilt trip. If someone is truly being a big bother to me, I will tell them I’m taking time for myself and they need to find another way to  resolve their issue. I don’t give BS excuses about work, family, church (and I’m not knocking people for their religious beliefs) or school.

    I think the thing that really bothers me most is when someone can’t even have the respectability to stand up and say  “sorry, not today”. I don’t think people realize it actually hurts more to lie and string someone along than to just tell them outright you can’t (or don’t want to) do it. People expect you to find out all there is to know about them and your  friendship/relationship by osmosis.

    I’ve ranted enough. This is probably one of the longest (if not longest) blogs from me you will ever see. Just had to get this off my chest. I’ll probably never change and always be the same friendly easy going helpful guy I am, but that’s just me.