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  • Jun 14

    Well, another birthday is upon me and yet again I sit and search for the ever elusive Birthday Freebie. I have seen loads of lists with hundreds of offers and I realized something, birthdays kinda suck when you grow up. that’s right, I had a hard time trying  to figure out why my birthday freebies were so plentiful years ago but have since diminished. When you’re an adult, you pretty much pay for everything. But when you are a kid, most of that (if not all) comes free. Companies try to make the adults feel like it’s their birthday by giving their kids a measly little birthday meal to save the parents a couple of lousy dollars. OR, when it’s the adults birthday, they have to bring a friend and get their friend to buy so the birthday man or woman can get the FREE meal. Should the customer continue to be loyal year round to a company that is not seemingly giving back in return? I know that I for one won’t be going to any place that offers me a free SMALL vegetable smoothie or a coupon for 5% off my party’s bill of $200 or more!

  • Oct 31

    The 2011 Hess Truck and Race Car is ready to hit the streets Friday November 11th. This one looks like a real winner just in time for Thanksgiving!

  • Aug 25

    What a hell of a way to start the day. An email and a phone call telling me there have been some strange charges appearing on my credit card. I log into my bank account and sure enough, someone has been shopping all over town at my expense! Trips to the grocery store, gas station and even Walmart! If you’re gonna steal my credit card, DON’T shop at a place I’d never go to like Walmart! If they are going to steal, why the hell can’t these scumbags steal from people who can afford it? Unemployed with no income at all and they have to take even more from me? I hope when you get caught, your cell mate takes your blanket!

  • Aug 21

    Nivea for Men has apologized for an ad in Esquire magazine that critics called racially insensitive.

    Hey all you whiney a-hole babies, grow the f up! this is only advertising. There are not ‘closet racists’ hiding in Corporate America! If I got offended every time I saw an advertisement aimed at red headed step children, jolly fat men, or people driving foreign cars I’d have no place to shop or nothing to buy. It’s like radio/TV, if you don’t like it, turn the dial. Now go dry your eyes you cry babies!

  • Aug 2

    What the hell happened to the days when you could bring a check written from Bank XYZ along with your proper identification and get it cashed with no hassles?

    I hope someone high up from Regions Bank reads this because I think your banking practices are really f***ed up and I’m being nice when I say that! I bring a check drawn on YOUR establishment and you try to charge me $30 because I am not a customer of yours? THAT’S OUTRAGEOUS! This certainly is no way to win customers in my opinion! I’ve had previous negative experiences at your bank but this one is the last straw! I will NEVER bank at Regions Bank! Never, Never, Never!

  • May 26

    But not for Equate sunscreen (Walmart’s Coppertone equivalent). The SPF 50 sunscreen in a can turned my clothes orange and the shit won’t wash out! When I call to complain to the number on the back of the can that says “SATISFACTION GUARANTEED” the dumb ass csr read from her little script “Warning may stain some fabrics”. Well apparently the day I used this sunscreen, I was wearing ALL the fabrics that could be stained by this shit. She also told me it was “typical of most sunscreens to stain clothes.” Honey I’ve been wearing sunscreen since before you were born and this is the ONLY time sunscreen has stained my clothes!

    Walmart, You’ve fu##ed us again!

  • Sep 29

    This guy didn’t just win $1 Million. A few MONTHS after scoring in that lottery, he won another jackpot of $2 Million.

    Nobody deserves to win the lottery TWICE! Even if it isnt me winning, at least someone else who has never won before should be a winner!

  • Apr 20

    I had to go to the grocery store tonight to get just a couple things. In and out, just what I planned. But somehow someone always changes my plans.

    I get in a checkout lane where a customer ahead of me forgot something and had to have the bag boy run and get one. So I jump to the “Express” line. Boy that was sure a mistake. The woman in front of me wanted to pay for her groceries with a paper check. She was from out of state and the cashier had to call for approval and then it took the lady what seemed like forever to write the check and enter it in her check register.

    So my question is, who pays by paper check in the grocery store anymore?

    Not to sound prejudice, but the woman must have been in her 60’s at least. And when I though about it, it occurred to me, I could not remember a time when I saw a younger generation writing out a check while shopping. I said to the cashier when it was my turn, “that is probably the last generation you will ever see pay by a paper check when shopping”. She apologized and then agreed.

  • May 20

    I have always thought entrance doors to businesses were supposed to be unlocked during BUSINESS HOURS! Last I checked this was ILLEGAL and a very dangerous FIRE HAZARD! (at least in the western United States).

    Why should it matter to me? Because it is ALWAYS the door that I try to open and end up slamming my face in to for others to get a laugh at. Not to mention get a bump now and then.

    What happens if a fire breaks out and everyone rushes to the entrance/exit doors? With only one available to use, someone may get trapped or worse, trampled by panicky people.

    Anyone know the legalities about this one?

    Convenience Store or is it convenient?