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  • Apr 2

    So you’ve done the Myspace thing and the Twitter thing and even the Facebook thing. But have you gotten hooked by Pinterest yet? It’s fast becoming one of the more popular Social Networks out there today.

    So how does that affect you? Well, if you’re not into the whole Social Networking scene, it probably won’t.

    But if you work in an office setting, you’ve probably noticed your co-workers spending endless hours on Facebook instead of working. Now, with Pinterest climbing the Social Network ladder, I’d say it’s a good time to get interested or be prepared to be picking up your office mate’s slack.

    While Pinterest is an interesting Social Network website, it does sort of show the mentality of the average American. First there was Myspace where you could post crazy pictures and make your “personal” page all sorts of crazy looking. 

    Then Facebook hit the scene. Kind of “Plain Jane in the looks department, but you could still post crazy pictures, links to other places to go on the Internet and even tell the world about that first cup of coffee you had this morning (see the time wasting relevance coming into play?).

    Now with Pinterest, you can pass your time all day by looking at “pins” on “boards” from other members of this relatively new Social Media network. The best part about this is, all you really have to do is “pin” a picture or click “like” and you’re done. Amazing! Society is becoming so lazy, they can’t even take the time to type anything somewhat relevant to life anymore. We all just “point and click”. Ain’t life grand?

  • Mar 8

    Self  Service is great. Especially when the person behind the counter doesn’t know what they are doing. That’s where proper training comes in handy.

    But, when all else fails, OUTSOURCE! Here is another way someone made money in America and put more than a few people out of a work at the same time!

  • Feb 8

    With what people post (publicly) online these days and how often they do it, it sort of seems like not many of them have too many brains. Just saying….

  • Jan 24

    When I heard that cursive writing was not going to be taught in the classroom anymore, I was so shocked! OK, so most communication today is done electronically. I still think there are going to be times when this generation that is sooned to be deprived of a good old fashioned education, will need to know how to write by hand. If cursive is done away with, how will future generations be able to sign legal documents or even autographs (for those that may become famous)? Priorities need to seriously be re-assessed.


  • Aug 31

    Well, now I think it officially sucks to be sick and go to the hospital. I had to make a visit to the local ER about 2 months ago. I signed in, gave my information and insurance info, and was admitted for the night. The doctor stopped by very briefly during my visit (less than 5 minutes) and I was attended to by the nurses the rest of my stay. I was released the next morning, pay my insurance co-pay and was on my merry way.

    Here it is 2 MONTHS later and I get a bill in the mail today. Doesn’t say who it’s from, what it’s for or when I acquired this debt. So I call the number on the bill and I am told it is from the doctor that ahem..”saw me” when I was in the hospital 2 months ago!

    First, WHY the hell are doctors and hospitals billing separately? If I am a mechanic in a garage and I fix your car, should you pay the garage for the repair and then expect a bill from me as well for doing the work? What if I am a chef at a 5 star restaurant? Should you pay the restaurant for the dining experience and then get a bill from me (the chef) for preparing that fine meal you just consumed? Rotten and greedy indeed!

    Second, WHY am I receiving this bill so late? It almost seems as though the doctor came up short on his Mercedes payment one month and went through his past patients to see who he could get to bleed some more! If you can’t get your billing done in a timely manner without having to surprise patients, then you don’t deserve payment!

    Rotten, Rotten, Rotten!!

  • Aug 21

    Nivea for Men has apologized for an ad in Esquire magazine that critics called racially insensitive.

    Hey all you whiney a-hole babies, grow the f up! this is only advertising. There are not ‘closet racists’ hiding in Corporate America! If I got offended every time I saw an advertisement aimed at red headed step children, jolly fat men, or people driving foreign cars I’d have no place to shop or nothing to buy. It’s like radio/TV, if you don’t like it, turn the dial. Now go dry your eyes you cry babies!

  • May 5

    Um Hello? Telephones (cell, landlines) are not new technology! Do people all over the  United States  NOT know how to conduct business by DIALING a TELEPHONE??

  • Feb 18

    The opinon in this blog is written but not directly implied at you (unless you are the one who it is aimed at) and is not the opinion of the owner of this blog but a MySpace user who is entirely fed up with stupid people who can’t correctly follow instructions made for second graders.

     OK, So I’ve been nice and put up with the crap I’ve seen on Myspace. But enough is enough!!

    More times than I care to count, I have had to reboot my computer because some jackass didn’t have a clue as to how to “simply” insert the HTML code that was “already written” for them at another website and gave “simple and detailed” instructions on how and where to place it on their page. Or maybe using a TEN MEGABYTE picture that takes 4 days to load! Even a blind man with no fingers and toes that lives in a tent in the middle of the Saraha Desert with a sand filled floppy drive and a cracked LCD on his laptop with a dead battery could make a better page than some of the ones on here!

    While my page may not be the prettiest on there, it certainly doesn’t look like someone threw up on the keyboard, let it dry and tried to get it off with a hammer and chisel. I can respect individuality, I just find it hard to tolerate those that lack common sense. Get a clue people (and you know who you are)! If you are too stupid to code your own MySpace page have a “knowledgeable” and responsible person do it for you.

    There is also an invention that came out called a spell checker. If you don’t know what one is or can’t find one look for a Spell Checker here!

  • May 14

    If you have to talk so bad, pull the damn car over and talk! I always had a hunch that if someone in front of me was driving slower than normal (posted speed limit) that they were talking on their cell phone. Just so  happens I found this article on the internet Cell Phone Users Drive Like Old Folks and realized it wasn’t just my thinking but an actual study that has proved this theory.

    This poor girl doesn’t think that’s right to discriminate against teenagers because they’re younger. Well you know honey, if you learn at a young age you may retain this knowledge through your long life, and/or someone elses(providing you don’t talk to your friends while driving). There is even a ban being considered by The National Transportation Safety Board.

    Yes, I have talked on my cell phone while driving too, but “I” use common sense. When weather is bad, traffic conditions are bad, or the call is just not important, then I hang up, don’t answer or even pick up to call. If I have to use the phone I always do it like this

    driver with hands free headset

    So think about this Hawaii should ban use of cell phones while driving next time you’re in the car and the cell phone rings. If you have to pull over and take the call if it is that important.

    If you say you can’t afford the fancy headsets being sold I have a
    low cost alternative you can try:

    hands free cell phone

    Some or most of you may have already seen this, and it may seem like a joke, but even “this” could possibly save someone’s life!

    Here is another article to help promote Mobile and Cell Phone Safety.

    Do us and yourself a favor….hang up and drive!