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  • Nov 1

    Well, as of this morning, your rotten scrooges got your wish! The city of  Tampa, Florida has made panhandling illegal 6 days a week. Some people say they wanted this ban passed for the ‘panhandler’s’ safety. Sure you did. Some say the city of Tampa is trying to clean up their image before the Republican National Convention makes it to town in August of 2012. THAT seems like a more likely scenario!

    Passing this ban certainly doesn’t resolve the homeless issue. There still is the same number of homeless people on the streets as there were on October 31st,   just not as visible.

    So do you feel better now you rotten scrooge bastards? Were they REALLY bothering you? I mean come on, just standing on the corner with a cardboard sign. Did it really physically pain you to see them? I’m not saying all were saints, but after being out of work for as long as I have been, I’ve been tempted to stand on the corner myself. Does that make ME a bum? HELL NO! I’ve just been out of work way too long and I’m sick of it!

    If it really bothers you people that much, quit your damn bitching and fix the problem! These people need jobs just as I do. Stop staring down your snobby noses from your BMW’s and your Mercedes and help America get back on it’s feet!

  • May 30

    Tampa Bay Rays still have the best record in Major League Baseball but their “fans” won’t show up until September or October! Most cities would give anything to have a Major League franchise like Tampa did before they got the Devil Rays. MLB needs to take this team away!

  • Dec 23

    While checking in at the airport, the woman working there says she is busy and cant answer questions. What? She cant multitask? Why do people act like douchebags?

  • Dec 23

    Are TSA inspectors so underpaid they need to take a small traveling childs toothpaste away? Air travel really sucks at times!

  • Aug 15

    Tripping back 40 years for this Classic Who performance from Woodstock. Dig it!

    Rock on Gang! 

  • Jun 15

    Today I went on vacation. I haven’t been on one in over 6 years. After Going through the wonderful horse hockey at the airport, I now remember why I haven’t.

    Check in was relatively smooth. The line, like the DMV and other places were like a Disney Theme park. Ropes wrapping around and around. Less than 30 minutes to check in, not bad.

    Now heading to the terminal, this is where it gets more fun. We have to show our boarding pass and photo id to get on the tram that takes us to the terminal. I hand the screener my boarding pass and wallet with my id VISIBLE through the “Clear plastic window” open. He says to take it out of the wallet. Why? So he can see the expiration date. WTF? This has always bothered me. My ID has expired but the picture still looks like me! What the fuck is the big deal?? The ID expired NOT my picture. Why the hell does this make a difference. So I comply and get on the tram.

    When we get to the other end (at the terminal where the gates are) they have the shoes off rule. OK, I understand, but I have to show my boarding pass and ID AGAIN!! WTF? Did my ID expire on the tram ride over? Give me a break! And if that wasn’t bad enough, as well as taking my shoes off and putting my cell phone in the bucket, the alarm went off. What did I have on my possession? NOTHING. Just my clothes. “take you belt off sir.” I was wearing a small stretchy belt with about 6 inches of leather on the end to clasp it and oh yeah, a “very small” (by that I mean less metal that a 50 cent piece and about as big) belt buckle. So I take it off, pass through the detector with no problems and proceed to gather my belongings. At this point, I just slip on my shoes on so I don’t hold the line up and walk over to a bench to tie them. After tying my shoes, I proceed to put my belt back on. But wait, where is my belt? My pants are falling down and I cannot seem to find my belt. While searching, I hear an announcement on the public address system. “If anyone has lost a belt come to…” I couldn’t make out the rest. I start walking by all the scanner lines asking if anyone has a belt. No one answers. I speak a bit louder and still no one answers. Finally someone tells me to check the information desk (which I was standing in front of calling out loudly but not receiving a response). When I approach the desk I ask the woman there who is jabbering away with a co worker if someone just called out about a lost belt. “What does it look like, we get hundreds of them?” Well, they just announced it on the PA system. “Can you describe it?” What a pain in the ass this bitch has turned out to be. After a lengthy description about what a belt looks like, I get it and I’m on my way.

    I need a coffee now! more to come….

  • Mar 1
    You Should Spend Your Summer in Europe

    You’re in to almost all forms of culture – art, music, architecture, food…
    And spending a summer at the beach sounds pretty darn boring to you.
    So head off to Europe, where you can have your tiramisu (and even eat it on the beach!)

  • Jul 26

    Aviation Week & Space Technology reported on its Web site that a special panel studying astronaut health found that on two occasions, astronauts were allowed to fly after flight surgeons and other astronauts warned they were so drunk they posed a safety risk.

    I’m not condoning their actions BUT, Holy cow! They’re blasting off in a rocket ship to outer space not knowing if they will make it safely or not!

    Cut them a little slack. How about a compromise? Maybe just a mini bar on board?

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  • May 14

    If you have to talk so bad, pull the damn car over and talk! I always had a hunch that if someone in front of me was driving slower than normal (posted speed limit) that they were talking on their cell phone. Just so  happens I found this article on the internet Cell Phone Users Drive Like Old Folks and realized it wasn’t just my thinking but an actual study that has proved this theory.

    This poor girl doesn’t think that’s right to discriminate against teenagers because they’re younger. Well you know honey, if you learn at a young age you may retain this knowledge through your long life, and/or someone elses(providing you don’t talk to your friends while driving). There is even a ban being considered by The National Transportation Safety Board.

    Yes, I have talked on my cell phone while driving too, but “I” use common sense. When weather is bad, traffic conditions are bad, or the call is just not important, then I hang up, don’t answer or even pick up to call. If I have to use the phone I always do it like this

    driver with hands free headset

    So think about this Hawaii should ban use of cell phones while driving next time you’re in the car and the cell phone rings. If you have to pull over and take the call if it is that important.

    If you say you can’t afford the fancy headsets being sold I have a
    low cost alternative you can try:

    hands free cell phone

    Some or most of you may have already seen this, and it may seem like a joke, but even “this” could possibly save someone’s life!

    Here is another article to help promote Mobile and Cell Phone Safety.

    Do us and yourself a favor….hang up and drive!