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  • Jan 24

    When I heard that cursive writing was not going to be taught in the classroom anymore, I was so shocked! OK, so most communication today is done electronically. I still think there are going to be times when this generation that is sooned to be deprived of a good old fashioned education, will need to know how to write by hand. If cursive is done away with, how will future generations be able to sign legal documents or even autographs (for those that may become famous)? Priorities need to seriously be re-assessed.


  • Jun 2

    17-year-old Tennis Babe Simona Halep hates her big boobs. She says they are a disadvantage to her and has vowed to have a reduction later this year to reduce the 34DD’s.

    This has guys the world over in a panic. “She cannot remove this natural beauty”, “It would be a crime to have such an operation done”.

    The 5ft 5in Romanian tennis player, ranked 317th in the world, hopes to play at Wimbeldon an she wants to increase her comfort level so she can react a little more quickly.

    Have some fun with her honkers here and sign the online petition to preserve these natural beauties.

    34DD is way to big for her to play tennis comfortably.

    34DD is way to big for her to play tennis comfortably.

  • Apr 25

    Well, not really. That is if you don’t mind a small, slender-bodied, 6-10 inch black bodied orange ring around the neck and underside Diadophis punctatus punctatus in your swimming hole.

    Ringneck snakes are most frequently found in Florida swimming pools
    Ringneck snakes are most frequently found in Florida swimming pools

    That’s right, I went to take a dip this morning after my run and there it was. A Southern Ringneck Snake. It didn’t scare me. I was more concerned for him. These snakes usually crawl in to get a drink and then cannot climb out because they are too small to reach the lip of the pool.

    Experts say if you find one in your pool, lift it out with the leaf skimmer or a dipnet and turn it loose in the shrubs where it can get back to eating things you do not want in your garden.
    You’ll be happy to know this little guy is having a feast now!

  • Jun 25

    It’s a sore subject with a lot of people, except the ones driving the huge SUV’s, but even now reality is starting to sink in for most of them. I’m talking about the ever increasing cost to fuel your vehicle so you can go to work and make more money to fuel your vehicle to go to work to make more money to fuel your vehicle…well you get the idea.

    So what are you to do? The gas efficient hybrid cars are flying off the lots after people wait over three to sometimes six months to get one. Cant’s get a hold of one yourself? Your 19 year old beater starting to drain you dry?

    I’m beginning to think the Flintstone’s car is looking pretty good right about now. But wait, I don’t think we have to get that desperate just yet. Lately I’ve noticed more and more scooters on the road. Yes, SCOOTERS! Not the kind you had when you were a kid, but the kind that are powered by battery or gas. The are pretty good in size and even quite comfortable. Why I even saw one yesterday that could seat two adults comfortably.

    Since I’m still new to the whole scooter thing myself, I did some research. I did an internet search for Which scooter is right for me and found some very good information. If you’re going down the road to the gas pump, but doing it on fumes, consider a smaller two wheel version of transportation. You may be surprised as to how far and fast you can go!

  • Jun 16

    Today while on vacation, I needed to get some food for my evening meal. I walk into a store I am unfamiliar with. The store is fairly good sized but a bit messy. the selection, not what I am used to. I found t=food that will do for what I had planned for my meal. When I get to the checkout, the cashier rings the order and put the items in an empty cart. After ringing up everything he asks, “would you like a bag for your groceries?” So I answer “yes”. He inquires how many I say two and he adds $.20 to the bill. After I bag the groceries, I start to push the cart away and he tells me the cart is for the next customer. Now what if I decided not to take any bags? would I have had to carry all these out in my arms? Just curious.

    Although I do  like the idea to help keep the environment green, I think it would be a good idea to let the customers know ahead of time as to the “hidden” cost of taking your purchases home.

    If you are concerned about the world environment you live in and how it will affect your children or the next generation’s place in it, visit some Green Websites for ideas and suggestions on how to make the world last longer for generations to come.