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  • Here’s the receipt, just in case you don’t want this present

    Mar 8

    I’m not a very dense person but sometimes I just have a hard time getting a grasp on life. For example, my kid was going to a birthday party for one of their friends. I took them to the store to get a present. When paying for the purchase at the checkout lane, the cashier offered me two receipts. I thought one was one of those customer surveys to win a $1,000 but it turns out to be a “gift” receipt.

    Now call me old fashioned, but isn’t the purpose of a “gift” to surprise or even delight someone you know? So we now give “gifts” and offer receipts in case the gift recipient thinks your gift sucks? Clothing I can understand (sizing issues) but toys, CD’s and even electronics?

    Someone ever thinks of returning one of the latter gifts I just mentioned and it would be the last gift I ever gave them!

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