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  • Oct 31

    The 2011 Hess Truck and Race Car is ready to hit the streets Friday November 11th. This one looks like a real winner just in time for Thanksgiving!

  • Oct 25

    It never fails to amaze me how much of an asshole people who claim to be your “friends” really are! Take for instance the current economic state our country is in. I’m sure there are others out there, like myself, who have been out of work for some extended period of time. And I’m sure that at least a few of your “friends” have said to you at least one time or another, “Hey, I know what your are going through. If you ever need anything, let me know and I’ll be glad to do my best to help you out.”

    YOU know what I am going through?? I’ve been out of work for over TWO FUCKING YEARS! YOU go to your job everyday and collect your paycheck at the end of the week. My unemployment ran out long ago! YOU are able to pay your bills every month without worrying which medication you will have to stop taking to keep the roof over your family’s head. So don’t tell me YOU know how I feel.

    Oh, and as for the “If you ever need anything, let me know and I’ll be glad to do my best to help you out.” I NEED A JOB! When I told you what my skills and qualifications are and that I am open to do anything for a paycheck to help support my family, that didn’t mean for you to turn your back and completely act like I never existed. You said you were a friend, act like one.

    You may not know of any jobs right now, but don’t ignore my calls or emails just because I am out of work. Just because I can’t afford to go out to eat at a fancy restaurant, why can’t we have a get together at one of our places?

    Money helps move things in this world, but it should have no bearing on friendship! Now I know who the real friends are!

  • Aug 31

    Well, now I think it officially sucks to be sick and go to the hospital. I had to make a visit to the local ER about 2 months ago. I signed in, gave my information and insurance info, and was admitted for the night. The doctor stopped by very briefly during my visit (less than 5 minutes) and I was attended to by the nurses the rest of my stay. I was released the next morning, pay my insurance co-pay and was on my merry way.

    Here it is 2 MONTHS later and I get a bill in the mail today. Doesn’t say who it’s from, what it’s for or when I acquired this debt. So I call the number on the bill and I am told it is from the doctor that ahem..”saw me” when I was in the hospital 2 months ago!

    First, WHY the hell are doctors and hospitals billing separately? If I am a mechanic in a garage and I fix your car, should you pay the garage for the repair and then expect a bill from me as well for doing the work? What if I am a chef at a 5 star restaurant? Should you pay the restaurant for the dining experience and then get a bill from me (the chef) for preparing that fine meal you just consumed? Rotten and greedy indeed!

    Second, WHY am I receiving this bill so late? It almost seems as though the doctor came up short on his Mercedes payment one month and went through his past patients to see who he could get to bleed some more! If you can’t get your billing done in a timely manner without having to surprise patients, then you don’t deserve payment!

    Rotten, Rotten, Rotten!!

  • Aug 25

    What a hell of a way to start the day. An email and a phone call telling me there have been some strange charges appearing on my credit card. I log into my bank account and sure enough, someone has been shopping all over town at my expense! Trips to the grocery store, gas station and even Walmart! If you’re gonna steal my credit card, DON’T shop at a place I’d never go to like Walmart! If they are going to steal, why the hell can’t these scumbags steal from people who can afford it? Unemployed with no income at all and they have to take even more from me? I hope when you get caught, your cell mate takes your blanket!

  • Aug 24

    I thought Home Depot  was  one of the biggest supporters of the US military and veterans. I’ve applied through  their  online application at least a couple of weeks ago. I’m a veteran of the US Military and I  still have not heard a thing. So much for their “Veteran Friendly” hiring practices! Anyone from Home Depot reading this??

  • Aug 21

    Nivea for Men has apologized for an ad in Esquire magazine that critics called racially insensitive.

    Hey all you whiney a-hole babies, grow the f up! this is only advertising. There are not ‘closet racists’ hiding in Corporate America! If I got offended every time I saw an advertisement aimed at red headed step children, jolly fat men, or people driving foreign cars I’d have no place to shop or nothing to buy. It’s like radio/TV, if you don’t like it, turn the dial. Now go dry your eyes you cry babies!

  • Aug 2

    What the hell happened to the days when you could bring a check written from Bank XYZ along with your proper identification and get it cashed with no hassles?

    I hope someone high up from Regions Bank reads this because I think your banking practices are really f***ed up and I’m being nice when I say that! I bring a check drawn on YOUR establishment and you try to charge me $30 because I am not a customer of yours? THAT’S OUTRAGEOUS! This certainly is no way to win customers in my opinion! I’ve had previous negative experiences at your bank but this one is the last straw! I will NEVER bank at Regions Bank! Never, Never, Never!

  • May 26

    But not for Equate sunscreen (Walmart’s Coppertone equivalent). The SPF 50 sunscreen in a can turned my clothes orange and the shit won’t wash out! When I call to complain to the number on the back of the can that says “SATISFACTION GUARANTEED” the dumb ass csr read from her little script “Warning may stain some fabrics”. Well apparently the day I used this sunscreen, I was wearing ALL the fabrics that could be stained by this shit. She also told me it was “typical of most sunscreens to stain clothes.” Honey I’ve been wearing sunscreen since before you were born and this is the ONLY time sunscreen has stained my clothes!

    Walmart, You’ve fu##ed us again!

  • May 14

    It seems that today’s youth only cares whether their vehicle just starts and gets them from Point A to Point B. I find it very sad that “practical” education like Auto Shop is not offered in public schools these days.

  • May 13

    If someone pulled a couple of $100 bills (real ones) out of their wallet and handed them to you to keep with no catch would you take them? There aren’t any problems with them, they’re just “out of date” as some would say, only by maybe 3-4 years. What if someone offered you a FREE bicycle that was 5 years old? Would you take it if given to you by the owner, no questions asked?

    What the hell is wrong that people have to think about taking something for FREE?? You either want it or you don’t!

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