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  • Sneaky Grocery Store Tactics

    Jun 16

    Today while on vacation, I needed to get some food for my evening meal. I walk into a store I am unfamiliar with. The store is fairly good sized but a bit messy. the selection, not what I am used to. I found t=food that will do for what I had planned for my meal. When I get to the checkout, the cashier rings the order and put the items in an empty cart. After ringing up everything he asks, “would you like a bag for your groceries?” So I answer “yes”. He inquires how many I say two and he adds $.20 to the bill. After I bag the groceries, I start to push the cart away and he tells me the cart is for the next customer. Now what if I decided not to take any bags? would I have had to carry all these out in my arms? Just curious.

    Although I do  like the idea to help keep the environment green, I think it would be a good idea to let the customers know ahead of time as to the “hidden” cost of taking your purchases home.

    If you are concerned about the world environment you live in and how it will affect your children or the next generation’s place in it, visit some Green Websites for ideas and suggestions on how to make the world last longer for generations to come.

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