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  • Apr 3

    So the big news (OK, celebrity gossip) lately is NFL Quarterback Matt Leinart of the Arizona Cardinals was having a get together at his home in Arizona. In attendance was celebrity (?) Nick Lachey. Story has it these two famous guys were partying with underage college coeds.

    Oh no! Someone under 21 at a party. What next? Senior Citizens playing bingo? Who said these girls are under age anyway? I don’t see any Id’s on their possession. I haven’t seen or heard of any proof that the girls are underage or that these guys bought the girls their alcohol. When is the last time you saw people carding someone at their house for a small get together? IF they are underage, those girls could have told him that they were 21, and the girls could have brought their own alcohol too. If someone tells you their age when you ask, you usually don’t doubt them. And if these girls are truly underage, where the hell are their parents and why didn’t they know what they were up to? If my kids wanted to hang out with an NFL player, I’d ask to tag along!

    Personally, I think it’s not the drinking that’s the big deal. It’s the alleged supplying of alcohol to underage party goers that a lot of the tabloids are writing about. But again, no one knows who supplied what at the party. No one really cares about what these people do in their personal lives, but they all love that scandalous celebrity story.

    Reports are saying that the Cardinals front office will not be happy about this. OK, so maybe it makes the guy look bad. But consider this: it is the off-season and he is at his own home and not driving drunk on the town causing fights or getting in accidents. So can you fault the guy for being responsible? Now if it was between say July and January, then I think people should have some cause for concern. But since it is his time and as long as it isn’t disruptive to the team let him be. I think if Matt and the Cards were winning more games and going to the playoffs, it might be a little more socially acceptable to be doing stuff like this in the off-season.

    Admit it, any successful individual male in his 20’s or 30’s and is single would certainly be going out to the bars drinking and finding young pretty (and of legal age) girls to hook up with.

    As for Nick Lachey, it’s pretty plain to see he had to hang out with someone like Leinart who has more going for him than Lachey himself. I’ve heard that most young girls think he’s old and really creeped out by him. Now Matt, just getting out of college, being young, rich and able to do what he wants. Hey, I’d be doing the same thing. Sounds to me like some one is just jealous that these coeds got to drink and hang for a while with celebrities.

    Just my advice for Matt, watch the peeps who take pics at your next party and make sure you ask for a kickback when they get some coin from the tabloids that buy them. Hey why not? Make money anyway you can. Looks to me like it beats signing autographs at card shows!

    Matt Leinart in his off-season