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  • Mar 12

    It’s really a great feeling when you’ve never made something but when you do it ends up being sooo delicious. Which is the case with my latest dish, a Tourtiere.

    Now for folks who have never lived or been near the frozen North, this is a traditional dish originating from Quebec.

    A tourtière is a meat pie usually made with ground pork and beef or veal.

    This is a hearty dish most guys would love. It’s really good on those cold winter days. Aaaaah, memories.

    There is no right or wrong way to make a Tourtiere, but the basics should include the ground pork/meat. In Maine some even vary the filling with Lobster, Yummy!

    If you’re interested in the recipe check it out here and feel free to let me know how your’s came out.

    Tourtiere (Canadian Meat Pie)

    Blog ya later.