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Rotten Beef….What's Eating You?

  • Mar 3

    So I’m off on my Blogging adventure. I generally have so much to say, that when I try to write it all out, I have a brain fart. So I guess I’ll start with how my day was.

    You ever notice that when you really want to find something you know you still have you can never find it? But when you start out searching you end up finding something totally different you were searching for last month? Well, that is how my day went.

    Not bad though. I started out looking for a picture last week. Couldn’t find it. Today I was searching for a pocket knife, I found the picture. Still searching for the pocket knife, I found the golf distance finder I was looking for a few months back. Wow, what a great day for finding stuff I had been missing. By the way, I found the pocket knife!

    Hope you’re day was filled with missing treasures too.

    Blog ya later!

  • Feb 29

    I want to welcome you to my Blog. This will be my first of hopefully many entries in my Blogging endeavors. Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to send them to me on the contact page.