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  • May 5

    Um Hello? Telephones (cell, landlines) are not new technology! Do people all over the  United States  NOT know how to conduct business by DIALING a TELEPHONE??

  • Aug 17

    Enough is enough. I mean it’s bad enough that people feel it necessary to talk on their cell phones while driving. Never mind calling to say you’ll be a few minutes late to pick up your child at the daycare or to let your assistant know that your proposal needs to be faxed to your potential future client before the meeting. No, those things don’t matter the important things are stuff like telling your girlfriend that new guy at the gym was so cute. Or letting your buddy know two kegs won’t do for the weekend bash, make it three. THAT is the stuff people find so important talking about on their cell phones while driving in their cars!

    What the person was talking about last night on their cell phone while driving, I do not know. Then again I do not care. I can tell you I know for sure it was NOT as important as the procession of fire trucks and ambulances five cars back trying to make it through the intersection but were unable to. Yes, while standing on the corner waiting for the light to change so I could cross the street, I heard a siren. I looked up to see a couple fire trucks and an ambulance trying to make it into the intersection to turn left. People were aware they were there. No mistake about it. You would have had to be deaf and blind to not notice. Cars were stopped on all sides of the intersection. The vehicles in front of the first fire truck started to edge into the intersection slowly. But then the first car stopped! Why? They weren’t moving. 30 seconds go by, then one minute. Another 30 seconds and the first car inched out a bit more. Then I looked to see what the confusion was. The IDIOT in the first car blocking all the others was on their cell phone! WTF?! The are emergency vehicles attempting to get to an obvious emergency and this dumbass plainly was more concerned with wrapping up their phone call.

    Don't be a distracted driver! Drive safe and drive alert!

    Don't Drive distracted!

    It bothers me when cell phone drivers hold me up from reaching my destination in the allotted time period I set for myself to get there. But this really irritated me! What if they were trying to get to someone I know to help them? What if they were on their way to your place? Those few precious minutes they were held up by the fool on their cell phone driving the car ignoring the emergency vehicles could have made the difference between life and death.

    Do us (me, them and yourself if you care) a favor. If you talk on your cell phone, pull off to the side if the call is of a personal nature, or if it is of an important urgent business matter. If you feel you absolutely have to drive and talk at the same time, consider using a hands free device. In the end whether you save yourself or a family members life or even someone you don’t know, it will be well worth it!

    Drive safe and drive alert.