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  • Aug 15

    What a surprise I had today.  Driving home from work I actually saw LESS people talking on their cell phones while driving than usual. I DID however see more people TEXTING while driving! Around 6 or so people. This in my opinion is way TOO MANY!

    How the hell did these people survive before the invention of mobile communication devices? A question that may never be answered. (sigh)

    I guess the most amazing thing I saw today was a woman who got cut off in traffic. SHE was on her cell phone talking and didn’t skip a beat in her conversation. Now THAT takes skill!

    Until next time, keep your eyes on the road and keep reaching for the horn.

    By the way, anyone interested in helping to protect yourself or others you care about, go here:

    Stop talking and start driving!

  • May 14

    If you have to talk so bad, pull the damn car over and talk! I always had a hunch that if someone in front of me was driving slower than normal (posted speed limit) that they were talking on their cell phone. Just so  happens I found this article on the internet Cell Phone Users Drive Like Old Folks and realized it wasn’t just my thinking but an actual study that has proved this theory.

    This poor girl doesn’t think that’s right to discriminate against teenagers because they’re younger. Well you know honey, if you learn at a young age you may retain this knowledge through your long life, and/or someone elses(providing you don’t talk to your friends while driving). There is even a ban being considered by The National Transportation Safety Board.

    Yes, I have talked on my cell phone while driving too, but “I” use common sense. When weather is bad, traffic conditions are bad, or the call is just not important, then I hang up, don’t answer or even pick up to call. If I have to use the phone I always do it like this

    driver with hands free headset

    So think about this Hawaii should ban use of cell phones while driving next time you’re in the car and the cell phone rings. If you have to pull over and take the call if it is that important.

    If you say you can’t afford the fancy headsets being sold I have a
    low cost alternative you can try:

    hands free cell phone

    Some or most of you may have already seen this, and it may seem like a joke, but even “this” could possibly save someone’s life!

    Here is another article to help promote Mobile and Cell Phone Safety.

    Do us and yourself a favor….hang up and drive!