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Rotten Beef….What's Eating You?

  • Mar 24

    So I’m out for my morning jog today. Along the way I notice some little squirrels frolicking about. Gecko’s chasing each other. Then I see a dead bird on the sidewalk.  Yes, sad. But the more disturbing part about it was the another bird (of the same species) picking at the dead one. It just didn’t look like it was having a morning meal, it looked like that bird was getting revenge. Almost like the dead bird pissed the other one off. And because it probably died before the other one could kick it’s little birdie ass that made it even more pissed off. So the live bird had no choice but to get revenge on the dead bird after it died. Pecking and pulling and pulling and pecking. Oh it was like an Alfred Hitchcock movie turning on itself. Needless to say, I picked up the pace a bit before the bird realized it was being watched. You gotta love nature, right?

  • Mar 19

    I’m running low on soap for the shower. I ask my wife to grab some when she goes to the store. 

    You know women, they see something new, they want to try it. So she strays from the normal brand and picks up this new soap. She gets this type called the “Go Fresh Energize Beauty Bar”. It has 1/4 hydrating lotion with the sparkling scent of grapefruit & lemongrass. Lemongrass? Isn’t that something I saw them cooking with on the Food Network? Eh, I’ll give it a try. I never read the box, I just grab the soap and climb in the shower. After this shower, I think maybe I’ll start reading labels from now on.

    Who had the bright idea to make my shower soap feel like 80 Grit sandpaper? That’s right, I said sandpaper! I wasn’t too crazy about the scent but damn that soap was rough. It slipped out of my hands once, so I thought some grout from the shower stall may have gotten stuck in it. I tried rinsing it off and the more I rinsed the soap the rougher it got.

    After showering I grabbed the box from the trash and read it:

    “Whoa!”  Invigorating beads that act as little wake-up calls for your skin. A get-it-going boost in the morning? Big time.

    “Whoa!” Big time is right! I certainly got woken up from that shower.

    I checked their website and noticed they had two other fragrances as well:

    Refresh: Water Lily and Fresh Mint
    Cool Moisture: Cucumber and Green Tea

    The refreshing scents I can probably get used to but the feeling of washing my body with sandpaper? Well, that’s a different story.

    Blog ya later.