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Rotten Beef….What's Eating You?

  • Apr 28

    Wow! It just keeps coming. First a big steroid scandal and now an affair with (what reportedly was) a minor? According to a report in the New York Daily News,  Roger Clemens had a decade-long affair with country star Mindy McCready. Allegedly this “romance” started when Clemens was still a member of the Boston Red Sox baseball team and the “young” Miss McCready was only 15-years old trying to get into the music business.

    “He flatly denies having had any kind of an inappropriate relationship with her,” lawyer Rusty Hardin said. “He’s considered her a close family friend. … He has never had a sexual relationship with her.”

    Clemens, under investigation for perjury, filed a  lawsuit against his former trainer Brian McNamee stating his reputation has been damaged. If the allegations about a romantic link to the country singer McCready do come to light, that could mean big points for Brian McNamee’s legal team in the legal battle currently waging.

    Will the Rocket be grounded? I say, if he is retiring, let him retire in peace.

    MLB pitcher Roger Clemens  Country Music star Mindy McReady