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Rotten Beef….What's Eating You?

  • Aug 30

    Come on people! Why is it that when a smoker is in front of you at the cash register they stand there for 20 minutes trying to decide which cigarettes to get? “Um, can I see the ones to the right? No no, the blue pack. No that one on the 3rd shelf.” You been smoking the same f’in brand for years! What the hell takes so long to make up your damn mind? Does smoking limit your brain functions? I mean the damn things are gonna kill you anyway, why the hell should it make a difference which brand or what color the pack is. Just take them and get in with your life, as short as it will be from smoking cigarettes!

  • May 20

    I have always thought entrance doors to businesses were supposed to be unlocked during BUSINESS HOURS! Last I checked this was ILLEGAL and a very dangerous FIRE HAZARD! (at least in the western United States).

    Why should it matter to me? Because it is ALWAYS the door that I try to open and end up slamming my face in to for others to get a laugh at. Not to mention get a bump now and then.

    What happens if a fire breaks out and everyone rushes to the entrance/exit doors? With only one available to use, someone may get trapped or worse, trampled by panicky people.

    Anyone know the legalities about this one?

    Convenience Store or is it convenient?