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Rotten Beef….What's Eating You?

  • May 26

    But not for Equate sunscreen (Walmart’s Coppertone equivalent). The SPF 50 sunscreen in a can turned my clothes orange and the shit won’t wash out! When I call to complain to the number on the back of the can that says “SATISFACTION GUARANTEED” the dumb ass csr read from her little script “Warning may stain some fabrics”. Well apparently the day I used this sunscreen, I was wearing ALL the fabrics that could be stained by this shit. She also told me it was “typical of most sunscreens to stain clothes.” Honey I’ve been wearing sunscreen since before you were born and this is the ONLY time sunscreen has stained my clothes!

    Walmart, You’ve fu##ed us again!

  • Jun 18
    When did it  become politically incorrect to show ass crack on the Coppertone girl in the “animated” television commercials? I mean come on, who wears underwear underneath a swimsuit? Big Brother where are you? Show yourself! I bet you’re not wearing any undergarments under your fancy suits in the office (unless of course they are your secret lovers and she let you borrow them to get a cheap thrill) But of course we all know there are no politicians like that out there right?