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  • Jan 27

    With Super Bowl XLIV a little over a week away, the talk isn’t usually about who is playing or the artist performing at the  mini concert at halftime, no the buzz on the streets is usually about…..wait…..commercials!

    Yes the only time people look forward to watching television commercials. Why? Well let’s just say if life really did imitate art, then some of these Super  Bowl Videos would be everybody’s dreams (at least one of mine).

    Don’t get me wrong, this years Super Bowl should prove to be one of the best games in Super Bowl history. Two top seeded teams, both with dome fields for home stadiums and high powered offenses. I for one am looking forward to watching a great game. But the commercials will be on my viewing list too. I’ll just have to make sure to use the little coaches room before the game!

  • Jan 25

    Ain’ts no more! The New Orleans Saints have made it to their 1st ever Super Bowl appearance in the 43 years of their franchise history. With the accomplishment of this feat by New Orleans, this now leaves only four teams that have never made it to the Big Game; Cleveland Browns, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars and the Detroit Lions

    Super Bowl XLIV is going to be a game of firsts. Besides the Saints first ever big game appearance, it’s the 1st time since 1993 that the top 2 seeded teams met in the Super Bowl. And while dome teams historically have struggled in the playoffs, this will be the 1st time that two dome teams have met in a Super Bowl.

    The Indianapolis Colts opened as 3 point favorites as soon as the Saints defeated the Vikings. No matter who wins this game, these two high powered offenses stand to make this a Super Bowl fans will remember for ages!

  • Mar 9

    The category for this could also be considered ART as music is considered an art form by some people.

    So my bitch this week would be the fact that FCC censorship on music radio is so lame. As many of you may know, during a Super Bowl halftime show Janet Jackson “supposedly” had a wardrobe malfunction. Ever since then the FCC has been concerned with protecting out children from disgusting and pornographic material reaching the airwaves. Songs such as the Who classic “Who Are You”. That song has been on the radio for almost 30 years. Now all of a sudden that “classic” song is bad for young ears. Come on adults out there, YOU listened to it. Did it affect you? If you don’t want “your children” listening police them yourselves!

    I was out of town last week and heard something on the radio that shouldn’t have surprised me but completely did! It was the Pink Floyd classic song “Money”.  Now, I had heard the censored version of “Who Are You” before, but this one took me completely by surprise. A sample of the lyrics in the song went like this:

    Money, its a hit.
    Dont give me that do goody good {nothing but silence was here}.
    Im in the high-fidelity first class traveling set
    And I think I need a lear jet.

    Then after the song was over I heard a sweeper (station identifiying element) saying something like “we have so much music we don’t know where to put it all” and a YOUNG BOY’S voice comes in after and says “bend over, here it comes!” Humorous yes. Contradictory, I would say so! I would have rather not even heard the song if they were going to hack that classic the way they did!

    So where does the black end and white begin? Do people, as in parents, need to be more responsible and stop relying on others to police thier children? Should artistic freedom be restored (within reason)? You decide, you are the ones making these choices too.